Stephen Gray

Posted By Noel Danforth on Jan 5, 2016 | 0 comments

Stephen Gray is Associate Professor of Urban Design with experience working in complex urban environments with municipal agencies, colleges and universities, private developers, non-profits, and the public. His interests center on the intersection of design and engagement as tools for empowerment as well as drivers for the production of progressive urbanism, and his research focuses on (1) humanist approaches to urban design at the intersection of politics, power, race, and place; (2) socioecological urban design approaches to urban resilience; (3) urban peacescapes that integrate peacebuilding, development, and urban design; and (4) implementation strategies for urban design projects across social, political, spatial, temporal, and geographic scales. Current projects include the Harvard Mellon Urban Initiative where his team is revisiting well-known places in Boston through graphic collage and digital animation of archival sources to highlight the collision of racially biased policies and civil disobedience; and the design and implementation of child-focused public space facilities to improve the quality of life for Syrian refugee families in Lebanon.