The Experience

Participants in our program commit themselves fully to a path of intensive studio work, lectures, workshops, and field trips. Deeply immersed in a culture that is both challenging and rewarding, they experience what education and work are like in the design and planning professions. They emerge—many of them exhilarated—with a more profound understanding of the possibilities ahead and the choices they will make.


Every Design Discovery student is exposed to the following disciplines but will select one as a concentration:

  • Architecture
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Urban Planning & Design

Studio format

Design Discovery studios focus on short, intensive projects similar to first-year graduate school projects. This involves one-on-one guidance from instructors, group discussions and reviews, training sessions in graphics and related skills, and individual presentations to instructors and guest professionals. Participants have direct access to the GSD’s Frances Loeb Library—one of the country’s foremost design and planning libraries.

Field trips

Participants have the opportunity to visit professional firms in the Boston area, and view first-hand the region’s landmark examples of architecture and design.